Want to stop living paycheck to paycheck?
Want to get rid of your boss and 9-5 job?
Or maybe just get some extra each month?

Ready to work for yourself from anywhere in the world?

You can skyrocket your life
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Welcome to NebularWeb 4 Life

Hi, I'm Alan!

I was a programmer who also studied Physics in college.

But I was not happy with being a "slave" of 9-5 job (usually way more hours), not happy with the paycheck and not happy not being able to grow based on my real potential, always limited by bosses and other people. 

I always knew there had to be something else.  So I started my journey looking at different ideas and looking for ways to build something mine and be free.

And finally I found the best, easiest and most affordable business model in the world: Affiliate Marketing!

And that's how I created NebularWeb 4 Life (, a web/network of different income streams (including passive and recurring income streams) based on Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing (promoting other people's products for passive and recurring commissions for every sale)